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Want to make a Healthy Breakfast but have little time & want it to be simple to make?

Well here is his how you can make a Super Healthy Breakfast

in 15 minutes without the stress of choosing and without fuss.

In this eBook – 30 Days of Easy, Quick & Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mums (and Dads)


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Like you I’m a busy mum and today let’s face it, most women work. Most of us are constantly juggling job and family! In this hectic routine, where do you find the time to eat a healthy meal? Mornings are frantic with the email you need to read, meeting you need to prepare for, text you need to reply to, project you need to give input into, the bill which must be paid, or maybe it’s your turn to take the kids to school? A healthy, homemade breakfast seems to be a luxury which you can only dream of. Sound like you?

Well I have the answer and now I would like to offer you a way out of your dilemma! I have put together 30 light and healthy breakfast recipes in an eBook for breakfast for each day of the month! A delicious, healthy breakfast in a few minutes!

I’ll tell you a little secret…this book was borne from my desire to create Healthy Breakfasts by Oligarsha by one day taking the decision to move our family to a healthy lifestyle, I decided to find and create a rough menu, that we began to eat. It was necessary to reduce the daily sugar and processed recipes.

It was not as easy as I thought, because on the Internet there is a million recipes and I was faced with dilemma of where to begin. I initially spent a couple of weeks on a list of recipes that I thought I liked and was ready to try … and so began a long process of testing many recipes.

In the end I spent 3 months of my free time after work to create my book of healthy breakfasts for my family. I lost a lot of time, because I was faced with the fact that the picture does not match the recipe…. but!! in the processes to create a book for me and my family I had an idea to create a website for other fans of healthy breakfasts. I want to say a special thank you to my husband for the great support…. and now you know how it all started.

In this book I wrote 30 healthy breakfast that my family love. Why 30? Because as psychologists say – any bad habit can take 30 days to replace with a good habit. And so I am now very happy to also share these receipes with you and hope you fall in love with these recipes too… and most importantly solve your problem on how to cook a healthy breakfast in 15 minutes without the fuss!

Using the recipes in this book, you can say bye bye to those sugared granola bars and canned juices, which falsely claim to be a “healthy breakfast”. The recipes I suggest are not only easy to do, but most of them can also be made in advance and stored for future days. Most of them can also be eaten for lunch or dinner!


 With this book you will be able to:


  1. remove the headache on what to cook
  2. save your time finding the right recipe
  3. prepare breakfast in 15 minutes
  4. introduce variety into your menu for 30 days
  5. most importantly please yourself and loved ones



This ebook will totally change the way you look at Breakfasts because it simply will work for you 🙂

Buy the 30 Days of Easy, Quick & Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mums eBook today and enjoy a fantastic home-cooked breakfast every day of the month!

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Here’s wishing you all the best in remove the headache what to cook in the morning and having but good times ahead.

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