Importance of healthy food for kids for growth of kids

Every time a child watches an ice-cream truck pass by, there is a hassle at every home, chanting “I want ice-cream! Ice-cream! Ice-cream!” Just to dismiss this mayhem most of the parents hand their kids dollars bills to buy whatever they desire to eat. Teaching healthy eating habits to your kids is important for a course of a healthy mind and body. Children have the fastest metabolism, their bodies develop everyday so they need a healthy diet plan for their bodies to support healthy growth. Every parent wants their children to grow healthy and happy but after a combination of fussy oily junk food, this task becomes almost impossible especially after exposure of kids to the junk food advertisement.

Despite all these distractions and conveniences these unhealthy food offer, parents should take strict measures to impart good eating habit. In doing this they can boost the relationship of their children with food and provide them the best chance to become confident and active individuals. Children themselves should also be educated about the healthy food and why eating healthy is necessary for them, this helps to making the children understand the risks they face at the hand of McDonald’s and also in encouraging and convincing them to eat good. Healthy eating helps children to concentrate on their studies, in staying alert and active, strong development, developing stronger bones and brain growth, maintain a healthy BMI (body mass index) and lastly in contributing well to society as they grow.

A good share of protein, carbohydrates, fats, iron, calcium, other minerals, vitamins (especially A, C and D) and physical activity is critical in determining nutritional status of a child. Unhealthy diet leads to obesity in children that can have effects like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, being bullied, feeling bad about their bodies, isolation, asthma, slow mental growth and heart diseases. Physical activity is also another factor that can help to prevent health concerns, parents should encourage children to get involved in physical activities they enjoy for at least an hour every . Parents should limit the hours their kids spent on TV and video games.Picture1Here are two healthy kids’ lunch recipes that are not just attractive to taste but also beneficial to growing bodies:

Egg and soldier: this has a preparation time of less than ten minutes. For this you need soft-boiled eggs cut in half with salt and pepper sprink
led served with asparagus steamed in herbs for dipping. This is healthy, vegetarians and gluten-free meal with less than 100 calories.


          healthy pizza 


 Super healthy pizza: for this you need a whole-wheat flour pizza crust which you can make at home easily topped with tomato, cherry tomatoes, olives parsley, mushrooms, and courgettes. Finally adding mozzarella, drizzle of oil and a mix the capers, olives and garlic. Bake the pizza until the crust is done for add parsley. This is best for lunch and also delicious. This is healthy, vegetarian and easy to cook.



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